Houseplants Add Pep

Too early to lounge outdoors here.


It’s about eight weeks before the last frost when starter plants and houseplants needing rejuvenation are taken outdoors. What can we do with houseplants to add pep to our indoor surroundings now?

Rearrange houseplants. Consider moving plants to different rooms where light is better as the angle of the sun has changed and as daylight lengthens.


These evergreen English ivy topiaries were each soaking up the sun and blocking a winter eyesore in another room. Now in this corner, they balance the room with height, side by side. Moving the plants here calls attention to the plants like changing locations of a favorite picture or wall hanging.


Give plants a little input. Fish fertilizer such as Alaska is a mild organic plant booster (5-1-1) that adds a little nutrient as daylight lengthens. As you check each houseplant, be sure to remove any that have become insect havens. It can happen at this time of year.

Leaves of the Amaryllis bulb continue to store energy and add welcome greenery to the room, so keep watering it as usual. After the last frost, the planter may be placed in light shade or planted until the leaves mature and die back. In this region, before fall frost the bulb is removed and may be stored for replanting later for a winter bloom next year.

Some plants just grow the way they wish. If you notice leaves are dusty, wet a paper towel with water to wipe the upper surface.


With just a little effort, the plants around us shine! What do you do to add pep to indoors with plants?



2 thoughts on “Houseplants Add Pep

  1. Gads! With weather like that, I can see why houseplants are so important. I grew houseplants in a former home, just because some of the plants I met in Southern California did not want to be outside in winter here. Otherwise, I prefer the flora to be outside!

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