Our One-of-a-Kind Garden

Gardening is sustainable when it supplies the irreplaceable taste of sun-ripened tomatoes at your place this summer.


As well as yielding other benefits, gardening is also a creative expression. Even planting a seed catalog pre-planned garden where no flowers grew before!


Our own creative garden, no matter its form or size, expresses something about us.


In an Audacity Garden, we may select tropical plants for our Northern Plains site. We may overplant the tiny backyard with a Capacity Garden.


Influenced by desert garden designers, we may plant a minimalist Scarcity Garden. We may re-plant our Tenacity Garden hillside with poor soil over and over. In some way, most of us end up with an Authenticity Garden that reflects something about us whether we planned it or not!


Thanks to Carol J. Michel of May Dreams Gardens and the inspiration behind Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, who wrote more about these kinds of creative gardens in the March/April 2020 Northern Gardener magazine.


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