Spring Arrives Each Year

Moments of spring shake us from all that swirls around us. A perfect daffodil blossom survives a frosty night.


Not quite here, but in mind from last season, the redbud tree, northern magnolia, and native plum will soon display again. There is so much we do not know.




Ginkgo trees are not native here but one grows in the local arboretum and a few are found in private yards. Spring display is not notable, but some Ginkgo trees live thousands of years. These trees are growing in many countries.

Collaborative researchers in China and the United States observed growth rings of different age ginkgo trees and found that growth did not slow as this tree ages. Capacity for continuous growth is found in new and old trees. It’s more the external stressors that fell the ginkgo. Well wishes to all in this season.



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