Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains! Our region is USDA Zone 4-5a and spring is in arrested development after heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Instead of what’s blooming here, let’s look at flowers at the United States Botanic Gardens in our nation’s capital. The Washington, D.C. area has had a mild spring. Over a month ago when visiting there, the cherry and magnolia trees were in full bloom along with early bulb plants.


George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had both wanted a national botanic garden, but James Madison established the garden and conservatory in 1820. The site is a museum of national living plant treasures. Its 200th-year celebration was halted in mid-March for public well-being due to the coronavirus.

These were a few early spring bulb and cool-season flowers in bloom in outdoor flowerbeds in our U.S. Botanic gardens in early March.




Inside our national conservatory, orchids were featured in the entrance area. Pots of orchids were placed in large display containers. Some containers only had orchids.  For variety, some containers held various plants, each in its own pot.




When caring for the plants requiring different methods and amounts of water, the multi-pot arrangement in larger containers seems practical.

We hope you all are healthy and secure and will soon find many plants in bloom near you.  Best wishes from here.

If you’re ready to see plants in bloom around the United States and in other countries, garden bloggers are waiting to show you what’s in bloom. Just go to the link below and find the April 15th post from May Dreams Gardens. At the end of her post, note the line up of other garden bloggers ready to show you flowers in their region. Enjoy!


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