Little Spring Moments

Naturalized plums, some planted by birds or left at the edges of farmer’s fields, are just beginning to bloom, with native grasses beyond.


Hellebores have had two snowfalls and several nights of frost since blooming. Today they get a visit from bumblebees, a first sighting this spring.


The greenhouse is filling with flower and vegetable seedlings and houseplants that transition to outdoors. It’s a warm, humid spot to marvel at plant growth in early spring.


Grape hyacinth withstands deer grazing to bloom another day.


Snow peas, planted in containers are beginning to germinate, but only a few emerge! Alas, I planted them a month ago and tricked myself again to think the warm days then would last. Spring is a transition and is not an even-rise plotline on a graph! Plants are so adaptable to conditions around them, waiting for warm soil.


These little moments in the transition days of spring are ones I may remember most.










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