Peonies of Spring

Peony flowers are eye-catching in bloom in the yard and as cut flowers. The perennial is long-lived in this region if given adequate growing conditions and requires minimal care.


Some pay respects to relatives that have passed with a visit to the cemetery about this time of year. Growing on a gentle slope by a grandparent’s grave in full sun with protection from summer hot afternoon sun are peonies planted more than fifty years ago. The grass growing around the now three-foot diameter cluster is well-tended, but the peonies have received only natural rainfall moisture and no other care. The slope gets all the Northern Plains elements throughout the year.

A peony demands so little and performs well in spring once established. This full sun location has a bit of extra moisture by a landscape wall, and the peonies are shaded in the late afternoon in summer.


Have you tried growing peonies? Do share thoughts with us!

Thanks for taking a moment from weeding and other spring activities to visit Plant Exchange blog. Have a great week ahead!

One thought on “Peonies of Spring

  1. Goodness! That is SO enviable! I would like to grow peonies, or just one, but they are so unreliable here. Former neighbors grew some rather well, but they never got established in my garden just a block or so away. They might be happier here, although I have not tried yet. They do not get much chill. Supposedly, they can be grown in the upper elevations of the Santa Monica Mountains down south, but that is too far fetched. I was told to just put ice on them in winter. That is just silly.

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