June Veggie Notes

Variety leaf lettuce from seeds intended for harvest as small leaves and balsamic vinegar makes a great June salad.

This tray of salad greens was planted and harvested indoors. Moved to a sun- and-shade spot outdoors, it’s ready for the third cutting.


Our traditional garden has been underway the past month. July beans are progressing, and tomato transplants, placed here about three weeks ago, are beginning to grow. Mulch is from last season’s dry tree leaves.


Snow peas planted in containers on the deck have begun to flower. They took a hit with a strong windstorm earlier this week, but tasting the first sweet, crunchy pods in June is just the incentive to try more kinds of vegetables that may grow here.


What are your favorite June vegetables?

One thought on “June Veggie Notes

  1. Oh, things did not go well for the garden here. We started it while we were not working, and then returned to work unexpectedly, abandoning the garden in the process. Most of the produce is the turnip, mustard and radish greens that were growing on the edge of the forest. Some are still going. Zucchini and a similar summer squash are all that is doing well within the garden.

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