June Garden Party

For a late June garden party, we’d be sure to invite some of these easy-to-grow annuals and perennials of this region.

Planters overflowing with Supertunias draw our party guests with color to the front entrance.


Annabelle hydrangeas radiate excitement after rain overnight.


The Catalpa tree in bloom is abuzz with pollinators.


Fragrant lanky milkweed stand to the side and nod.


Diminutive nicotiana is shy but striking for its flowers.


Cleome stands tall and is quick to compliment others.


Vining clematis weaves in and out of a crowd.


Rudbeckia is the life of the party; its yellow is here and there, where ever you look.


At Plant Exchange blog, we stay in place this season, but social contact is limited. Thank you for joining in our June party! Who would you invite to your June party?


Local Garden Notes:

Supertunias thrive in the summer heat with adequate water and fertilizer. Our downtown streets feature baskets of them.

Annabelle hydrangeas grow well in a house foundation bed. That location keeps all but adventuresome deer from grazing them.

This catalpa is reaching early maturity. The fence is some branch protection from curious deer.

Early common milkweeds provide nectar, pollen, and habitat for many kinds of bees, moths, butterflies, and flies.

Annual nicotiana grows from transplants into the garden. Taller woodland nicotiana may grow from direct seeding.

The annual cleome grows well from transplants.

The main perennial clematis vine is somewhat protected from deer grazing with chicken wire.

Rudbeckia perennials grow in most soil conditions but not as long-lived as some plants.





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