Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 15

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for July 15 at Plant Exchange Blog. We average about 25 inches of rain a year and have had timely moisture so far this season. Lots of sunny days! Lately, highs have been in the mid to upper 80’s with a few days more extreme, and flowers appear to be in normal development for mid-season.

Annuals in containers maintain proportion when trimming them occasionally during the season.


Vining clematis flowers draw attention away from utilities.


‘Pow Wow’ echinacea, perennials in this region, are easy to grow from seed for starter plants.


Black-eyed Susan’s add to the yellow phase of summer.


Annabelle hydrangeas are in full bloom now. While deer and rabbits sometimes like to nibble hydrangea leaves, these foundation plants are somewhat protected.


The annual cleome is easy to grow from seed as a starter plant. They reach about 4 ft. in height as a backdrop in a garden bed.


With the cleome is the orange-flowered butterfly weed, a monarch favorite.

Here’s a monarch caterpillar deciding about lunch.


Thank you for visiting Plant Exchange blog! Join us again for our weekly post with summer in bloom.

If you’re ready to see what other garden bloggers have flowering now, just go to May Dreams Gardens blog for July 15 to see Carol’s plants. At the end of her post, note all the garden bloggers lined up to show you flowers across the United States and in other countries. Here’s her link:






2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 15

  1. I have plenty of milkweed and butterfly weed, but no monarchs. Oh, well, I have lots of other pollinators that enjoy it. It’s funny how we want some kinds of butterfly larvae to eat our plants, but not others!

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