Garden Bloggers Bloom Day August 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange blog on the Northern Plains. Mid-August here is still the crest of the blooming season for most summer-blooming annuals and perennials. Day temperatures span 85 degrees F. and higher, to the ’60s at night. With rain and supplemental watering, hummingbirds and other pollinators enjoy the variety of blooms this season.

Let’s look at what’s in bloom in a couple areas of the yard. Raised beds bring color and texture to the edge of the driveway. En masse, this is how the annuals and perennials fit together this season.


Up close are some standouts. Lobelia, with white salvia behind,  is having a second bloom.


Zinnias, small and large, stand out.



Nicotiana is blooming after a deer-tasting setback.


Black-eyed Susan perennials are a flowerbed staple.


Butterfly weed, a perennial, returns for the third year.


Another section of the raised beds features the herbaceous perennial Joe Pye weed. It has grown a lot with extra moisture this year.


Up close, perennial Echinacea ‘Pow Wow’ plants return for the third year.


Flowers and vegetation add to the hardscape in this area of the yard.


This area receives afternoon sun, and the vincas have held up well to the hot days.



Blooms show us the beauty and diversity of nature. What a treat to see them!

Thank you for visiting today! Do join us at Plant Exchange blog again. Comment if you wish.

If you are ready to explore blooms in other parts of the United States and other countries, the next stop is the garden blogger Carol in Indianapolis at her May Dreams Gardens. Find the end of her August 15th post. You will see garden bloggers and their links, waiting to show you what’s in bloom at this time of year. Here’s her link:



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