A Little Something Different with Containers

When I awoke this morning, I realized a container of sunflowers had come into bloom. 

While I enjoy seeing them out the window in their staging area on the deck, I began to think about how to include them with the other flower containers that we see every day for a new look.

Here’s a “Before” video to show the container arrangement as we begin.

Luckily the containers have small platforms with wheels. We can move them with ease, and the raised platform ensures that after watering, the area dries quickly.

The large container of red petunias with a white accent continues the color theme in the yard. The volume of the planter also is more attractive than the side of the greenhouse in view, so we place it prominently in our coffee area. 

Sunflowers face east as they mature, so we place them to our west so we’ll see their joyful faces.

Late summer feels expansive. To express this, we have cleared the view and re-grouped the other containers to enjoy more as we have supper on the deck. Let’s see how it looks now.

It’s amazing what a little change can do.

Thank you for joining us today at Plant Exchange blog. Have a great week ahead! 

5 thoughts on “A Little Something Different with Containers

  1. With such a nice meadow, I would not want to obscure the scenery, even with such delightful potted plants. That can be a problem with gardening in such idyllic situations. There are many acres here, but not enough space for the fruit trees without obscuring the bases of the redwoods.
    It is nice to see another pretty garden and meadow today. I left home a few days ago, and can not get back because the region is evacuated. With the weather so warm and dry, I suspect that the garden will be in rather rough condition by the time I return. That is trivial relative to the gardens and homes that were destroyed by the fires that continue to burn there.

      • I returned late yesterday afternoon, sooner than expected, and found no damage here. There is quite a bit of ash, but that is all. The fire stopped about a mile and a half away, and many of the homes within the fire zone are not damaged! Two of my vacant parcels burned, but there were no buildings on them, and the homes nearby are safe.

        • We are very thankful, but also sad for those who were not so fortunate. The lodgings here had been vacant because of the Coronavirus. Then, firefighters from other regions were accommodated in some of the lodges. As they started leaving, some of the cabins started accommodating those who lost their homes.

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