Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 15th

As you might guess from the image of our blog, the indigenous and hardy sunflowers are prominent at Plant Exchange blog.

Our USDA growing zone is 4-5a, and we have had an early near frost, about a month early. Today the temperature climbs to 88 degrees F., and we’ve had many days of dry winds and only three-tenths of rain in about two weeks, so plants that flower and form seed with expected weather swings need to be tough.

Included with the sunflowers in the flower bouquet is Caryopteris, another dry weather, hardy late-season blooming perennial shrub.

This view to the south shows the beginning of leaf color. Fall colors are more subdued on the Northern Plains; the hues complement the peacefulness of nature that can accompany this time of year. (We hope for swift resolution and safety for all with the wildfires along the western coast of the United States. Here in the middle of the country, we have some haze from the smoke.)

To the right of low-center of the photo is a volunteer plum.  The plums are near ready for harvest by birds preparing for the change of season or migration.

Near here is the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area. On a recent dog walk, we saw an Ohio Buckeye, the first tree we saw with a change of color.

Here is the buckeye fruit.

Another nearby South Dakota state park along the Missouri River is Chief White Crane, with sunflowers.

Native goldenrod is also in bloom near that park entrance.

Chief White Crane is known for its mammoth Siouxland cottonwood trees that are showing the first hint of color.

Here’s what the leaves will look like when whole trees are in Fall splendor.

We hope you’ll have a chance to look around as this season continues. Thank you for your visit! 

Now if you’re ready to see what’s in bloom in other parts of the United States and in other countries, Carol is waiting for you in Indianapolis to show you her garden. Just go to her September 15th post and at the end, you’ll see garden bloggers waiting to show you blooms of this moment. Here’s the link:


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