Transition to Fall

Today, let’s look at plants in transition on the Northern Plains, here at Plant Exchange blog. Trees are beginning to turn fall colors.

Sunflowers are still in bloom at the edge of fields, in flowerbeds, and containers.

Pollinators enjoy Agastache and other flowers in bloom.

We begin to bring in plants that overwinter indoors about now. The first average frost date is before mid-October. We keep the plants in a small plastic greenhouse and then move them indoors later in fall.  

Among the plants transitioning indoors are potted camellias that spend the summer under a shade tree and herbs that grew in full sun outdoors. We also are growing ornamental kale to set outside with pumpkins for décor. There’s time to grow edible greens for harvest before we shut the greenhouse down for winter.

 In this fall transition, we focus on indoor plants. A tall fiddleleaf fig needed pruning, so some of the cuttings are rooting in the greenhouse. When the sun is still more direct in fall, it’s a convenient time to transplant for future use as houseplants.

We invite you to see a little we do in the fall transition in this short video.


Thanks for visiting us today. We hope your plant transition to fall is enjoyable too. Do comment if you wish.

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