Celebrating Fall

At Plant Exchange blog, let’s celebrate a relaxing weekend together in early fall with nature’s paintbrush of yellow and red on October 12th, Native American Day in South Dakota.

Fall Moment

On our rare Monday morning walk, deep blue asters salute orange flames of Indian grass along the Missouri River breaks deer path. 

Parting big blue stem, a flock of migrating sparrows ruffle feathers in the cover of abundant seed. 

A cloud of tiny insects hovers the marsh, and we see our murky reflection as travelers on this Indian summer day.

Dew releases leaves’ spicy incense. Bright green along worn trail edge curves up the hill and tracks into dry woods. 

Overcast and still, it is the time for gentle change. Each tree before us stands in degrees of muted splendor. 

We shuffle through peppery leaves. Ahead, a leaf is suspended in mid air. It turns as slightly as the vantage of a new point of view. 

The spider’s single thread that holds the leaf glistens up, and out of sight. Our minds open to all possibilities.

The tree that canopies us releases golden leaves. They each fall their long way down in spirals of fireworks. 

We are one with fellow travelers honoring Native American Day. 

Brenda K Johnson, Spring 2012, Pasque Petals, South Dakota State Poetry Society Publication. 

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