Another Look at Late Bloomers

By late September here on the Northern Plains, most plants have had the big flower or fall color reveal. If not, like many maples this year, red leaf color started and halted with hard frosts; crunchy brown leaves remain. Most locust trees had their golden color.

Sunflowers had a fine season of showy blooms.

Goldenrod was showy this season. These volunteers filled an area of flood plain by the Missouri River.

Annual nasturtiums gave us bold color and bright green leaves up to the hard frost.

But with showy golden cottonwood and other leaves in decline, the delicate hues of native grasses at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area become more prominent.

Even a single specimen miscanthus gets a second look. There’s a place for all of us. Even late bloomers.

Do comment about your late bloomers if you wish. Thanks for showing up. We do what we can.

One thought on “Another Look at Late Bloomers

  1. Honeylocust grows wild in the part of Oklahoma I went to as well. I was impressed to see it in the wild, but did notice how thorny it can get. I saw it mostly from the highway. Honeylocusts that I am familiar with here are garden varieties.

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