Landscape with Grasses and Companions

On the Northern Plains, grasses move with the wind and blend naturally in an authentic landscape. Miscanthus is an ornamental grass that is dramatic as a specimen plant and as a field of feathery heads. 

Some kinds of miscanthus have voluminous roots and are less compatible with other plants. You might not consider this characteristic of miscanthus when matching plants to grow with ornamental plants in the landscape.

Grasses and other plants that grow in the same flowerbed need to have similar light and water requirements. You consider their maximum size and comparative vigor as growing features.

Considerations for visual fit include their heights, alike or contrasting leaf texture and color.

Susan Martin authored the article “10 Companions for Ornamental Grasses in the Landscape,” found at the Proven Winners website along with the following photos.

Purple fountain grass and petunia are shown growing well together at different heights, and their colors are complementary.

Pennisetum and petunias are shown growing at different heights; the petunias almost a ground cover.

Purple fountain grass and cleome are shown growing at about the same 3 – 4 ft. height.

Her article refers to specific Proven Winner plants that achieve this look and provides more information about companion plants with ornamental grasses. Find it at the Proven Winner website.

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