Decorate for the Holidays with your Plants

We can create our home version of “Holiday Beautiful” with the plants around us from the growing season. 

Sometimes ornamental grasses have a second life. It continues to move in the wind as a dried plant in winter.

Lights add a festive look at night.

Eastern red cedar boughs, some with green berries, stay fresh a month or more in outdoor window boxes in this region.

Heading indoors, repeating pine cone texture in a wooden bowl emits a natural note.

Clustering indoor potted plants can freshen a room.

Especially a camellia in bloom!  

Indoor plants such as potted English ivy, growing on a topiary, glows at night. Plants around us are a reminder of the beauty of nature in this season.

Thank you for our time together at Plant Exchange blog. We appreciate your “Likes” for posts you enjoy. Thanks also to loyal “Followers” who show up for weekly visits! It’s time to celebrate!

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