Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– December 15th

We can find reassurance that our world will be OK in many ways. One way is to establish a quiet, comfortable place to read. Plant companions are of your choice. 

These camellias provide the light fragrance, deep evergreen shiny foliage, and blooms that continue for a month or more. 

Up close, the common hardy Camellia japonica shrub can grow up to 12 feet in height but has been pruned for indoors in a container from a young plant to its height of about 3 feet at five years of age. 

The shrubs spend the summer in tree shade and develop flower buds. We transition the plants indoors by way of an unheated greenhouse. When the outdoor temperatures dip under freezing, we bring the shrubs inside the house, where they receive some south-facing sunlight indoors in winter.

Cultivars with different bloom times amplify and sometimes extend the bloom season. There are 250 kinds of camellias and hybrids of many colors and blooms. 

What plants do you choose that gives you solace in your environs? Do share with us if you want. The previous Plant Exchange post talks more about camellias.

Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange blog on the Northern Plains. If you’ve seen all you want here, it’s time to go to Carol Michel’s site in Indianapolis, IN, to see more garden bloggers waiting to show you what’s in bloom these days. Find her post for December 15th. At the end of it are more garden bloggers waiting. Here’s her link:

One thought on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– December 15th

  1. Camellias do well in the landscapes, although, nowadays, there is no one here to see them. I think I would prefer to plant some below windows rather than bringing potted specimens inside. Perhaps I would bring some in if I had a nice spacious and sunny room in which to do so. They are some of the first flowers I remember from when I was a kid.

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