Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- January 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange blog and the snowy north. Gusting winds of 36 miles per hour and light snow make commutes more difficult today due to snow drifting and white-outs, and icy roads. But most days, the winter has been mild, allowing for invigorating walks.

Wildlife such as deer and turkeys are on the go these days. These are deer trails through our flowerbeds. Yarrow remains for winter interest. When the snow is a few inches deeper, sometimes the deer slide their hooves instead of lifting at each step and then often follow another’s track. Pretty smart.

Indoors, the potted evergreen camellias (Camellia japonica) are still in bloom since mid-November.  

The buds found on the ends of stems usually open one at a time and not synchronous with buds on other branches. This photo shows how one bud fills while another flower reaches maturity. 

Flowers don’t open on all branches at the same time. In southern states where camellias grow outdoors, varieties of camellias may bloom in late fall or up to early spring. Bloom nectar and pollen are available for the few insects around on warm days. A camellia may be in bloom when a pollinator arrives.

The variety of camellia flowers and light fragrances are sensory treats on a snowy day. 

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If you’re ready to see what else is in bloom around the USA and other countries, please go to Carol Michel’s May Dreams Gardens at this link in the Midwest. Find her post for January 15th, and at the end of it, you will see many garden bloggers waiting to show you what’s in bloom these days. Her link:

5 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- January 15th

  1. I (New York State) have never tried to grow camillas indoors. I love them. I tried to grow a hardy camilla I purchased during a trip to North Carolina and – it lived three years. Never thrived. I checked the website of the nursery (Camillia Forest) and I don’t think I have the right indoor conditions. Alas. It was a thought.

  2. Beautiful!
    My neighbor here in Mississippi had an outdoor Camelia in full bloom before Christmas, then below freezing temps hit – no more blooms, but the plant itself is OK
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  3. Gophers have been killing some of our camellias for the past few years. Fortunately, there are so many, and some are so big, that they really should be thinned out anyway. Most of ours start to bloom about now. Earlier sorts might be nice, but we will not be adding any anytime soon.

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