Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–February 15th

Most animals are smarter than we give them credit, including wild turkeys near our country home. The temperature was -26 degrees F.  this morning. These turkeys break their daily pattern on worn trails through fields on cold, snowy days.  They walk on less vehicle-traveled roads instead of slogging through snow.

You came to Plant Exchange on the Northern Plains, USDA Zone 4-5a, expecting to see what’s in bloom. Outdoors, nothing. 

But we’re thinking about what we’d like to replay this year if given a chance. Some of these include:

Nasturtiums, both mound and trailing, are great end of season plants in this region. These were started mid-summer in containers for fall display and bloomed until hard frost.

The blooms and leaves are incredible in form and color and edible if you like to include them as a garnish. Some insect pests that also enjoy nasturtiums are gone with cooler weather.

Miscanthus sp. perennial grass has a beautiful fall plume and continues as winter interest, upright in the snow.

Dwarf sunflowers in containers bloom for a month or more, and their cheery faces can be moved to various sunny locations.

Rudbeckia sp. perennial just blooms and blooms in flowerbeds once established.

Nicotiana sp. easily grown from seed, have several heights of plants and colors that add to the flowerbeds.

Recurring Virginia bluebells show their distinctive blooms in spring after daffodils and before many showy annuals have begun to flower. I am surprised every year they appear again.

Comment on your favorite blooms you plan to include this season if you wish. You’re invited to view other Plant Exchange posts by date or plant topic of interest. Thanks for your visit!

If you are ready to see what’s in bloom in Indiana, Carol Michel is ready to greet you at May Dreams Gardens. At the end of her post for February 15th, do note the list of garden bloggers waiting there to show you their plants in bloom. Here’s her link:

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