Consider Perennials to Plant

With the latest layers of snow mostly melted, we begin to think about what perennials we’d like to include in our gardens this season. Adding color is a lift. Echinacea cultivars add color variety and intensity.

Columbine flowers add delicacy to a flowerbed.

Asters bloom later in summer.

Rudbeckias are a natural part of summer yellow.

Yarrow grows well as a companion with the lavender of catmint in a flowerbed.

Big bluestem and Agastache specimen plants stand proudly.

Up close, we see some extra benefits of Agastache to bees in our garden. It turns out the photos above are all native plants or cultivars of them. Luckily, there are so many choices of native plants to fit our tastes.

Besides the beauty they add, the native plants, once established, are likely to thrive. Because they are generally suited to the environment, they likely have less maintenance and may benefit many insects, birds, and other wildlife and microbes that help the garden grow.  At Plant Exchange, we aim to add a few native perennials for sure this season.

What are some perennials you might include this season?

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