More Sunflowers

Sunflowers are an easy-to-grow Northern Plains flower. If you plant them by direct seeding after the last spring frost, they’ll grow to produce large flowers in August and September.

Adaptable self-seeded native sunflowers add summer yellow in road ditches and vacant lots. Cultivated sunflowers in garden seed packets have large flowers like the photos here and directions for planting. They require minimal care.

The most unusual sunflowers here at Plant Exchange have familiar yellow faces, but the plants are about 3 feet tall. They are suitable for growing in containers with close spacing. The dwarf sunflowers stay erect in prairie breezes.

The photo before occurred in early August, and this one is from September, showing that they continue to bloom well for weeks.

These sunflowers were about 4 feet tall and also stayed erect in the wind. 

More patterns and colors of sunflowers are found in the traditional 6-8 feet in height in the flowerbed. The young plants are not deer resistant and require a fence or other protection.

Sunflowers are welcome indoors as cut flowers too. Maybe you’ll try growing a few. See you next week!

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