Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-March 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange on the Northern Plains, USDA Zone 4b-5a. Temperatures are fluctuating, averaging highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s. The ice is off area lakes and days have been mild enough for some trees to flower.

Snow fell wet and heavy overnight but is beginning to melt. Moisture is welcome.

Back to what’s in bloom. A surprise is that potted camellias that bloomed November into January have a few buds for a second bloom. Mid-March is closer to its natural bloom time.

The dark green shiny leaves and showy blooms with a light fragrance are welcome treat in winter.

The purple Oxalis in bloom, a grocery store purchase, pairs with shapely succulents that change little as we celebrate the Irish and beginning of Spring! 

Do linger for other topics if you wish. When you’re ready, Carol Michel is ready to show you what’s in bloom in Indianapolis, IN. At the end of her May Dreams Gardens post for March 15th, you will see a list of other garden bloggers from far and wide, waiting to show you blooms at their locations. If you’re ready, here’s her link:

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