Garden Bloggers Bloom Day— April 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange on the Northern Plains. We’re USDA Zone 4b-5a and having a couple of weeks of cool temperatures after an early spring warming. We’re featuring a few perennials and trees in bloom now.

Hellebores have been in bloom since last month when it snowed, and the sturdy and droopy flowers fit this time of year so well.

Many trees have not yet leafed out, but the willow with yellow-green leaves. 

Some of the early ornamental flowering trees are beginning to bloom, while others are still sleeping. These trees and the willows before are found at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area.

Our northern magnolia has a halo of about a dozen blooms; one is more impactful, close up.

Daffodils that come back year after year are always welcome.

Another Hellebores waves “hello,” and we invite you to see more of Plant Exchange before you go. 

Thanks for your visit today. If you’d like to continue looking at what’s in bloom around the United States and other countries now, just go to May Dreams Gardens. Find Carol’s post for April 15th, and then at the end of her beautiful flowers, you will see many more bloggers waiting to show you their blooms these days. Here’s her link:

4 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day— April 15th

  1. Brenda – Here in Massachusetts the climate is similar. The willow in my back yard garden is quite green, and in spite of a slight snowfall last night the garden seems unbothered. I am a new hellebore lover. I put three hellebores in last year and two more this year. I think I need one more but I have to see what surprise is starting to break through the soil. Happy Bloom Day.

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