Deck or Porch Gardening

Choosing container plants and gardening on the deck or porch is one way to care for some plants you like. It has these advantages that you may see on the short video. 

—In the Plant Exchange region, some gardeners prefer to garden away from deer and rabbits. Fencing is an option, but this is another way.

—Plants for enjoyment or food right outside your back door is quite convenient. 

—Some plants require more sun or shade to grow best. Having a shade tree nearby or shade from the house allows you to treat plants like lettuce in the hot summer some respite. 

—An area of less traffic on the deck can be a staging area or nursery for plants as they grow before display, but are in easy reach for care.

The containers are on rollers to move them about the deck and allow the water to dry beneath them. Not only are plants chosen that grow well in containers, but also ones that fit with the heat and day length of the season. Garden seed catalogs often provide information to help as you select plants. Other locations for gardening go well with deck gardens, such as root crops in raised beds or larger tomatoes or perennial flowers in-ground gardens. Lots of options for gardening!

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