Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 15th

I am drawn to flowers because tending them is a chance to be outdoors. Warm seasons are short here in South Dakota. Colors and shapes of flowers and foliage are also enticing. Trying to grow a variety of plants beginning with seeds is a fun challenge. Seeing the results each growing season satisfies and also presents challenges to learn and try something new. 

Native perennial Echinacea or coneflower is a staple in flower gardens in this Northern Plains region (USDA Zone 4-5a), so trying Echinacea varieties such as ‘Pow Wow’ is a logical choice. Some E. ‘Pow Wow’ bloom this third year. It’s a plus when you discover plants are hardy like their parentage.

Perennial Butterfly Weeds are ready as food and shelter for migrating monarch butterflies that usually arrive on their southerly route in August or September.

Butterfly Weed is compatible growing with other flowering Rudbeckia and Echinacea.

Salvia is a reliable hardy annual of the region. The first spent blooms were removed about a month ago for the start of another bloom period now.

Ornamental annual Woodland Tobacco grows from direct seeding or transplants in this region. Stately, plants can be the backdrop for shorter plants.

Annual white impatiens in window boxes accent a large ‘Anna Belle’ hydrangea shrub. With white flowers and foliage as the palette for color in the front yard.  Container plants of other colors may be featured, starting with pink.

These are some plants in bloom now at Plant Exchange Blog. We’re celebrating the 15th of each month with focus on the plants in bloom. You may notice posts about the 15th for the last few months too.

After your visit here, if you’d like to see what’s in bloom in other states and countries, garden bloggers are waiting to show you. Just go to May Dreams Gardens in Indiana at this link:     At the end of her post for July 15th, you will see a list of other garden bloggers and their links for you to explore. Have fun with flowers!

2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 15th

  1. Your comment about echinacea is so true. I’m in zone 4B and after a few years of successful Echinacea success, next year I am planting some other varieties.

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