Raised Bed Garden Tour

On a summer day, visiting a garden is a way to see some familiar favorite plants. Native Echinacea and cultivars grow well in this region. Pollinators like them too. Deer and rabbits, not so much.

It’s also fun to see less typical flowers like this Gaillardia, grown from seed.

Sometimes it’s fun to see a whole flowerbed of one kind of plant, such as these Black-Eyed Susans.

 These raised beds of this garden tour contain perennial and annual plants that will usually grow in USDA Hardiness Zone 4-5a, given primarily full sun and adequate moisture. On one side of the beds is a hillside with some plants that shade the full-sun plants in the morning, and on the other side, a cement driveway that is intense in the afternoon sun.

We hope you enjoy the garden tour video below.  Comments are welcome.

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