Find the Right Place

Now is the time in the summer to consider trying a new spot for in-ground perennials. Ones that get too much or not enough sun or are unsuitable for the site. 

Plants that are moved need to establish and begin to grow more roots before the ground freezes. Around the end of August gives the plant that time in this region. The transplants require more frequent supplemental watering. Also, check to be sure your kind of plant can be transplanted or divided and re-planted at this time. Spring and summer bloomers can often be transplanted now.

The perennials ‘Prairie Sun’ Rudbeckia are easy to grow from seed indoors and set out in the flowerbed after the last frost. They are a native cultivar that attracts pollinators.

Versatile they are as a cut flower.

These Rudbeckia have stiff stems and stand upright. These are about 30 inches tall and pair well with 48-inch height zinnias. The ‘Prairie Sun’ grew taller than I expected. That left room for a surprise. 

Sentinel Rudbeckia blocked the view of even the taller marigolds.

Another mostly sun area needs some color. The plants we put there at the start of the season didn’t make it. We’ll see if these hardy Rudbeckia will establish here. Once planted, watered, and mulched, the blooms will be removed to encourage the plant to continue its vegetative growth and become established.  

If you want more about fall transplanting, see the current Horticulture magazine. Both fall Northern Gardener, and Fine Gardening have articles on plant placement. These magazines are available for browsing at Yankton Community Library.

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2 thoughts on “Find the Right Place

  1. Thanks for sharing this plant…it looks like something I would like to try here in N Nebraska. Going to have to do some research on this one! I’ve never grown rudbeckias from seed, but start quite a few other things each year.

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