Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–September 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains. Our region is USDA Zone 4a-5b with lots of prairie breeze. Drought conditions and days exceeding 90 degrees F. have challenged gardeners to maintain annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. By mid-September, the produce harvest has reached heights and declines near the first frost in about a month. 

Some long-blooming flowers have reached a peak by now. Perennial rudbeckias, native to North America, are an example. 

A new one in our garden is the Prairie Glow Rudbeckia. The airy stems reach over two feet in height and display distinctive, colorful flowers. We move some of them to new locations when they grow taller than expected. They fit well in a natural appearance flowerbed.

A mound of Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckias expands in a flowerbed, year to year.

Indian Summer Rudbeckias have grown from seed this year and moved clusters around the yard for bursts of yellow. 

Besides the rudbeckias, the Hyacinth Bean Vine is another standout by now. Often purple, these white Hyacinth beans grew from seeds this season, and the robust vine is vigorous enough in this growing season to reach the top of an arch, flower, and produce beans that may be dried and stored for planting next year.

One of the pollinator favorites that also has blue flowers is Agastache. The flower head on a five-foot rigid stem swings in the prairie breeze and is a favorite of hummingbirds, butterflies, and various bees. Many cultivars of Agastache are more compact than these.

Thanks for visiting us to see what’s in bloom here these days. Look around for more of our plant topics. Come back again next week!

When you’re ready to see lots of flowers around the United States and beyond, just go to Carol’s May Dreams Gardensin Indianapolis. At the end of her September 15th post, note the list of bloggers waiting to show you what’s in bloom all over. Here’s her link:

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