Transition for Flowers and Vegetables

Mid-September is a weather transition in this region, with high temperatures bouncing from 70 – 80 degrees F. with cool evenings and a few windy or hot days. Tree leaves mostly haven’t begun to turn yet. Movable container plants for color have been versatile and easy to maintain in this drought. 

Cardinal vine on the trellis has been in bloom and attracting hummingbirds since June. Bunch and trailing nasturtiums planted by direct seed in late July are beginning to bloom. Fresh leaves and new flowers are welcome late in the bloom season. Our dog likes them too.

Succulents for the outdoor table have only required light watering for maintenance the whole season.

The third bloom of the red salvia lasted well with snapdragons and will likely continue until frost.

An early hit by bean beetles and bean plant comeback enabled fresh bean harvest in the vegetable garden. We’re removing the old vines, and beans planted in late July are in bloom. Not sure if they will produce pods before frost, but the fresh produce is worth a try. Leaving space for a second planting allows options in the garden season.

Our heirloom tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen. Produce hasn’t been as plentiful this year with weather conditions, but what we harvest is enough to encourage us next year. This transition has some mellow moments for all to enjoy.  

Thanks for your visit today. Hope to see you next week!

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