A Few Extra Days of Fall

While this Northern Plains region can have mild fall days, weeks in a row has been a treat. These are rare days to enjoy the change of season before the first hard frost frenzy. Deer often like our garden variety in their vegetarian diets, and at least one has a zinnia craving–just the flowers and terminal leaves. Just ahead of nibbles, remaining blooms come indoors.

Each day a new tree begins its fall color.

We look for the first color on our favorite trees.

Solitary cottonwoods are as yellow as mountains of aspen glow in Colorado.

While I relax weed vigilance these balmy days, many plants have a burst of growth. A persistent thistle peeks through a wooden path raised a couple of feet above the ground.

Potted camellias have enjoyed a summer stay-cation in tree shade and will soon go indoors. We trim dead twigs, wash leaves with the garden hose, remove leaf litter, and about an inch of surface potting mix in case there are insect eggs before camellias go indoors.

Nasturtiums find another warm day and peek from behind leaves after morning rain. Plants make the best of where they are. It’s a good day to be alive.

Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog. We hope to see you next week.

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