Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–October 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange blog on the Northern Plains (USDA Zone 4b-5a). Temperatures are 59 to predicted 37 degrees F today and trending downwards, but we have enjoyed a mild beginning to Fall—no killing frost yet, but soon.  Now we take in the colors of Autumn.

The photo near the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area entrance shows the beginnings of color change here. Yellow ash and cottonwoods, and red maples are prevalent colors. 

Many gardens include New England asters, but this is the first grown here and in bloom, thanks to a chicken wire tent. It’s a wildlife favorite.

This first-year Gaillardia still has flowers and has grown well so far in its young life.

Annual direct-seed planted Nasturtiums planted mid-summer to reach maturity by early Fall are in bloom. 

Direct-seed planted zinnias continue to brighten spots around the yard.

A perennial Miscanthus moves its seed heads in the prairie breeze.

Annual Coleus and white impatiens retain foliage and blooms as temperatures decline. While they all have added variety to the season, soon Nature reclaims some plants, and others sleep for the season ahead next year.

Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange blog offerings for October Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. We invite you to see our other topics and visit again. If you’d like to look at Carol Michel’s May Dreams Gardens in Indianapolis, IN for her blog on October 15th, at the end of her post, you will find many bloggers from the United States and other countries providing links for you to enjoy what’s in bloom at many sites these days. Here’s the link to her blog:

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