Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-November 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains. Our region is USDA Zone 4-5a. The lingering progression of Fall has been a treat for all, with the first killing frost more than two weeks late. Now, most deciduous leaves are falling, and indoors is where we look for plants in bloom.

If we lived in the Southeastern United States, camellias might be one of the late Fall or early winter booming plants to enjoy. The shrub is a foundation or hedge plant. In this region, we can grow container camellia shrubs indoors, and one is in bloom here. 

Camellia sasanqua or Yuletide camellia has 3-inch diameter lightly fragrant single flowers and is in full bloom this November in this location. Its glossy evergreen leaves enliven a room all winter. The pruned 4-foot shrub spends summer under a shade tree.

As a container plant, the camellia is easy to care. It naturally grows in neutral or acidic soil and has tolerated potting mix well. In winter, reduced light in this northern region is offset by placing the container near a south or west-facing window. Camellias in bloom are an indoor treat.

Camellia in bloom.

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If you’re ready to see what else is in bloom around the United States and some other countries, Carol Michel in Indianapolis is your next stop. At the end of her November 15th post, see the garden bloggers waiting to show you lots in bloom. 

Her link:

2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-November 15th

  1. Oh, how beautiful! I love Camellias and I tried to grow one in a pot one year, but it didn’t last long. Hmmmm, maybe I should try it again. I’m in Wisconsin, so I can’t grow them outdoors, either. Thanks for the info.

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