Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- December 15th

Warming to 29 degrees F., ice/snow pellets cover the ground near midday after a front blew through last evening. Turkey tracks remain after cleanup duty at the birdfeeder nearby. It’s mid-December on the Northern Plains for sure.

It’s cozy indoors with warm sunshine spots for the cat and dog. Camellia shrubs in containers are in bloom here. They originated in East Asia and grow well in USDA Zone 7-9 in the Southeastern United States. A sentimental attachment to the camellia is a mental picture of one on my grandmother’s dress lapel that she often wore to church. 

Many in-ground camellias bloom between January and March in the United States, but the container plants here in this region begin in late fall. More than a hundred species and many cultivars of pink, red, and white ornamental camellias have been cultivated. 

Both of these camelia examples have double blooms.  The white camellia is an “anemone form” with rows of outer petals and a mass of petaloids and stamens in the center. Single blooms are more common on this plant, while the pink Camellia japonica below has many at once.

The formal double form of pink camelia is most common. It has several rows of petals without visible stamens. The flower of both these camellias is light spicy fragrant.

Thank you for visiting Plant Exchange Blog on these busy days. You’re invited to look at past months’ Garden Bloggers Bloom Day posted for flowers in their season. 

When you are ready to see what else is in bloom around the United States and other countries, just go next to Carol Michel’s May Dreams Gardens post for December 15th. You will find at the end of her flowers many garden bloggers waiting to show you what is in bloom. Here’s her link:

Happy holidays to all!

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