Gardener’s Time Off

What does a gardener do with unstructured time in winter? Some of the garden-related topics for enjoyment with a practical twist that this gardener might choose to include checking plants in the nursery, reading missed articles from favorite gardening magazines, and previewing seed catalogs for new ideas and introductions.

Here is the nursery under the grow light. I notice that the dormant amaryllis from the cool/dark garage is growing. Soon it will be ready to move to south indoor direct light as leaves, stem, and flowers emerge. Scissors are pruners for herbs in winter soups. Maintaining the size of a favorite begonia provides the source of stem cuttings to root new indoor plants in water and later transplant. 

Favorite gardening magazine articles and a nap go with a cloudy winter afternoon. The local library carries several magazines with back issues for gardeners to catch up.

While not quite ready to plan garden seeds, a quick review of each seed company’s new plants or other features is fodder for envisioning ideas of the new season.

Gardener's winter activity

What are some of your favorite garden-related activities in winter?

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