Garden Winners

Who doesn’t want flower or vegetable plants that grow well with abundant foliage and flowers? When they are grown in your region of the country and compared to similar plants and still have stand-out qualities, that’s a winner.

All-America Selections is a national non-profit plant trialing organization that acquaints the public with new cultivars. Impartial gardening professionals judge superior plants. Trials are held each growing season for annuals, perennials, vegetables in regions of the continental United States and Canada.

South and North Dakota, Kansas and Missouri, Minnesota and Iowa, and Manitoba-Alberta Canada sites provide the “Heartland” regional plant trial results. McCrory Gardens in Brookings, South Dakota, is one of the nearby trial sites.

A rudbeckia, vinca, and tomato are three of the current Heartland superior plants on the All-America Selections website, along with the organization’s photos.

Rudbeckia ‘Amarillo Gold’ is described as a compact plant for landscaping or containers. They are long-blooming and pollinator-friendly. A similar variety of rudbeckia grown from seed by this gardener had positive results.

Vinca ‘Mega Bloom Polka Dot’ F1 is described as compact, withstands heat without becoming diseased, and long blooming. Similar variety vinca, also grown from seed by this gardener, had positive results in a hot, full sun location.

Tomato ‘Chef’s Choice Bicolor’ F1 is described as an indeterminate beefsteak fruit with streaks of color. Tomato plants grown for fruit taste and plant health might be of interest.

These are similar rudbeckia and vincas that seem to grow well locally.

Find the array of Heartland winners on the All-America Selections website. Choose “All-America Winners,” “Filter,” “Region,” and “Heartland” to see them.

The January/February issue of Horticulture magazine spurred the topic of winner plants. Other websites are also highlighted. Browse this magazine at the Yankton Community Library on 515 Walnut Street.

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