Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–January 15th

Welcome to the Northern Plains. Snow covers or outlines plants outdoors, but indoor houseplants bloom with a bit of extra light in a room heated for comfort. 

Potted Camellia japonica evergreen shrub has bloomed now and then since November. The flower has a faint spicy fragrance, and each bloom lasts several days. Shiny leaves add a background of greenery to a room.

Begonia sp. is a favorite potted houseplant received from a friend. Thick, shiny leaves with red undersides are a prominent feature and the flowers are subdued.  

Each stem and its leaf originate in a fibrous crown. It grows well in indirect light. Many houseplants from tropical areas require more intense light. This one adapts to the lower intensity winter light of this region. As with other begonias, cuttings are easily rooted.

Camellias in bloom indoors.

I did try a plant app to identify the species but haven’t found the species yet. Any ideas?

These indoor plants are the ones in bloom here. We invite you to look around at the posts and topics of interest. When you are ready to see what else is flowering around the United States and other countries, Carol Michel of Indianapolis, IN, is another garden blogger poised to show you flowers there on her January 15thpost. At the end of that post, note the list of garden bloggers ready to show you many flowers in bloom. Here’s her blog link:

Flowers! What a treat in January. Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog.

5 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–January 15th

  1. It is w onderful to have beautiful blooms at this time of the year. I have been waiting for my amaryllis to bloom for a couple of months! Happy Bloom Day.

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