Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-March 15th

 Oh, beautiful shamrock, with deep-hued, three-parted leaves. You’re a bit of a sham, a look-alike to Irish clover shamrocks. 

What's in bloom at our house this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day?

Native to southern South America, the perennial Purple Shamrocks (Oxalis triangularis)

 may be grown outdoors in light shade above USDA Hardiness Zone 8. 

As a potted houseplant, a group of the small Oxalis bulb-like corms each grow a leaf and begin flowering white or pink blush blooms about this time of year. What appears to be a stem is the petiole of the three-parted leaf.

Quite a sensitive plant, the Oxalis folds its leaflets umbrella style at night, in too much light, or sometimes if disrupted. This response is due to water turgor in cells at the base of each leaf and is called “photonasty.” You may want to whisper that around this plant.

Every year or so, to create a more compact appearance, the petioles may be cut about 4 inches above the soil and placed under a grow light for a month or so as it develops new leaves.

Happy mid-March, Irish celebrations, the beginning of spring, and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! Thank you for visiting us. To celebrate, you may note some past celebration posts here at Plant Exchange Blog, or you may be ready to see what else is in bloom around the United States and other countries. If so, the next stop is Carol Michel in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the end of her March 15th post, note the list of Garden Bloggers waiting patiently for you with flowers. Here is Carol’s link:

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