Lettuce and Spring Go Together

People who like to eat fresh produce and gardeners might have lettuce in common. Spring growing conditions for lettuce is usually favorable. It’s easy to be enthusiastic with an early green thumb success in spring. Lettuce harvested, washed, and on the plate couldn’t be tastier. 

Would you like to grow your salad greens?


A packet of lettuce seeds 

The 12-inch diameter or wider planter (at least 6 inches deep for less frequent watering)

Potting mix with fertilizer.


  1. Even the Northern Plains will have the late frost soon. You can start the lettuce container under a grow light, but it’s less effort to begin the plant outdoors. 
  2. Decide the size of the lettuce planter that fits your meal with leftovers. 
  3. Lettuce packets that characterize the lettuce as “not to bolt” on hot days will produce more salad cuttings. In our region, spring is commonly short.
  4. Some lettuce grows better or faster, dependent on growing conditions. Choosing a mixture of lettuce seeds increases the chance of success.
  5. Follow packet directions, including seed planting depth. 
  6. Find a sunny outdoor spot for the planted container with shade and wind protection for part of the day. If rabbits or other herbivores are a concern, place the planter in an out-of-reach area such as a balcony or deck.
  7. Water as needed and watch for hot days that wilt leaves.
  8. Harvest lettuce leaves with scissors leaving a couple of inches or more of stem and small leaves. Plants usually recover and grow for another harvest in about two weeks.
  9. Add dressing just before the meal. Place unused washed lettuce in a plastic bag, remove excess water, and refrigerate. Consume lettuce in a couple of days.

Photos today are from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. All the greens were planted on the same spring day, showing the variable growth in the same growing conditions. The Premium Green Mix lettuce above is about 5 inches tall and almost ready for the first harvest.  

Below are Red Kingdom F1 Asian Greens that will be added to the green mix for salads soon.

Variety of color, leaf shape, and flavor add interest. 

The “Bright Yellow Décor Swiss Chard” is selected to grow in hotter weather in early summer. After the green mix and Asian green harvests end, I’ll choose lettuce suitable for summer or fall conditions.

Want to grow your salad lettuce?

Do share your favorite lettuce or greens you like to grow for salads.

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