Spring is Busting Out All Over

Even after cold winds and low moisture in the region, we are glad that spring has arrived. Here are some findings on a walk around the yard.

 Leaf buds of this Ohio Buckeye/ Hawthorn tree show the energy of spring. Trees that flower before they leaf out, such as maples, have bursting buds.

Recurring daffodils wave greetings before cool-season grasses are fully green again.

A cluster of grape hyacinths draws the first native bees sighted as they gather nectar and pollen.

Peony leaves unfurl and will soon turn green.

Trees, spring bulb plants, and perennials all find ways to flower where they live. What a grand time of year! We hope you will enjoy seeing what’s in bloom around you.

One thought on “Spring is Busting Out All Over

  1. You and I are friends – our gardens tell us that. I have the same plants – doing well. My daffodils are amazing.

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