Plant Markers of Spring–May 15th

Lilacs have leafed out and are reaching full bloom as spring conditions improve, quite a remarkable plant sustainability trait. Lilacs line the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area along the Missouri River near home in a USDA 4-5a hardiness zone. Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog in South Dakota.

Fall planted spring bulbs such as daffodils and tulips are still in bloom in this shortened spring.

Redbud trees are at their northern hardiness boundary here. This one has protection as an understory tree.

Native plums, likely planted by birds, also greet spring before the sumac beside it has awakened from winter.

Perennial Virginia Bluebells brighten the partial shade with pink to blue blooms.

The bluebells and Bleeding Hearts (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) often bloom in later spring, but the shortened season with so many kinds of plants in bloom at once is spectacular. 

Bleeding Hearts, formerly Dicentra, is native to Japan, Korea, and northern China. Its wide USDA Hardiness Zone (2-8) and easy care in light shade add to its popularity among herbaceous perennials. The herb has few pests and is not a favorite of deer or rabbits.

See our plants that mark spring with their blooms.

The heart-shaped flower with a drop of blood beneath is a dangling jewel on the Bleeding Heart’s arching stem. The cut flowers are dramatic indoors and trimmed spent flowers may encourage a second bloom. 

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If you’d like to see more spring flowers around the United States and in other countries, many garden bloggers wait to show you what’s in bloom. You’re invited to visit Carol Michel in Indiana at her May Dreams Gardens. See her April 15th post, and at the end will be a list of other bloggers also ready with flowers to greet you. Her link is:

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