What You Looking At?

What someone sees, who likes plants, and what Ms. Wild Turkey sees likely differ. After spring rains, the yellow yarrow and purple catmint begin to bloom. The lime barberry shrub accents the yellow. Most of the trees and shrubs in this region now have leaves, except for the fenced Japanese maple, which is slow to awaken. Enough moisture for a lush spring morning! 

Ms. Wild Turkey and I are curious. One of the rains misplaced a small tortoise in the backyard. A large speckled eggshell lays by the path. Toads are awakening. 

Ms. Turkey has her eye on breakfast. She’s discovering new seeds and insects since the last rain. I think she sees the milkweed shooting up by the barberry bush and recalls how many insects it will attract soon. It’s worth watching.

Of course, even those who enjoy plants don’t see the same thing when we look at them. Beautiful to the bumblebee gathering nectar and pollen, this False Indigo is also reminiscent of wisteria in bloom in another region.

So many hues of green this time of year! As pretty as the hydrangea blooms to follow.

The purity of peonies takes the breath. 

So much variety in peony blooms that open to the new day, 

and close when it rains.

These are the days when there is so much to see that bringing some blooms indoors is natural. What a beautiful time of year, dear readers! Hope to see you again next week at Plant Exchange Blog.

What are we seeing on these spring days?

One thought on “What You Looking At?

  1. Oh no, that looks like a problem. Turkeys moved into this region only several years ago, but immediately started shredding anything colorful. They shade the berries off of the cotoneaster in autumn, and then just leave them on the ground. I would not mind so much if they actually ate them, but they just ruin them. What is worse than their damage to the landscapes is how they pull shingles off of the old buildings to get to insects underneath.

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