Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-June 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains (USDA zone 4b-5a). Summer temperatures are beginning to roll over the short spring. Peonies have been beautiful this year. This flower and a shrub of white peonies are still blooming. The flowers are as beautiful and short-lived on the plant and as cut arrangements. 

There’s always a spot at the edge of a flowerbed for easy-to-maintain Dianthus.

Penstemon or beardtongue attracts many kinds of pollinators and grows to about 3 feet in height in the season. All the above three photos show flowering perennials that deer usually avoid. 

Early spring pansies remained robust until now as the temperatures climb. Deer do delight in hydrangea leaves behind an ineffective barricade of chairs and tables and annual pansies they’re not interested in munching.

Yarrow is a hardy perennial in this region and the ‘Moonshine’ variety reaches about two feet in height. Easy to maintain, they require less moisture than many bedding plants and deer avoid them. 


Yarrow is deer resistant and forms a yellow and gray-green mass of color with flowerheads at the ends of the stems.

Thank you for stopping by to see the flowers. Always more to see in the garden and around the yard! If you’d like to see past month’s flowers, the Plant Exchange Blog posts or other topics are on the right column. 

If you are ready to find other garden bloggers waiting to show you their plants, Carol Michel will show you her garden in Indiana on her June 15th post. At the end of her post, you will see many eager garden bloggers with flowers in the United States and other countries.  Here is Carol’s May Dreams Gardens.

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