Outdoor Container Garden Nursery

Garden flowers or vegetables you plant together in a container take a little time to look their best before they are displayed. These succulents are an example.

Container flowers and vegetables mature at different times, and it’s handy to have a dedicated space, a nursery, with adequate sunlight and water nearby to care for them before they mature. Grape tomatoes by the kitchen door are tasty as they ripen.

It’s convenient when you plant seeds directly into a container and wait for them to germinate and grow in a nursery. Young plants are the most vulnerable. Rollers make it easy to move the containers to the preferred locations when the zinnias bloom. 

It’s handy to tend vining plants such as the Black-eyed Susan vine that need twining assistance. 

Wilt from wind or dry conditions is easy to spot in lettuce when the plants are in the dedicated nursery.

A nursery space that provides different amounts of sunlight is handy. Sunflowers in containers require day-long full sun. The young plants are tasty food for deer, so locating the nursery on a porch or deck is one solution.

This video illustrates one nursery for ease of care, protection from wind and wildlife, variable sunlight and shade needs, and ease of container mobility to their new location.

Container Garden Nursery

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One thought on “Outdoor Container Garden Nursery

  1. My nurseries were the farms where we grew horticultural commodities, such as citrus or rhododendrons. There is a small ‘nursery’ here, but it is just where we put plants that were removed from the landscapes while they recover for installation into other landscapes. Just a moment ago, I processed eight #5 cans of cannas; four bloom yellow with green foliage, and four bloom orange with bronze foliage (‘Wyoming’). They will be going to a home garden (which is not within our landscapes). There were a dozen of each. They were recycled from a landscape from which they needed to be removed. Many more were claimed by neighbors before they were canned. It was a lot of cannas!

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