Garden Vegetables this Season

Perennial coneflowers and yellow gaillardia are having a party in the early August flowerbed. 

But let’s look at the progress of plants in the vegetable garden since early June. 

Beans have been bearing for about three weeks. We prefer planting several varieties of bush green beans due to unexpected pests or diseases. Fresh beans are a favorite; we grow a little extra for others.

The short rows are easy to weed and remove diseased leaves. We add new rows at about 2-week intervals in July for fresh harvest. Sanitation helps curb some disease spread. Check to harvest mature beans about every three days or so. Removing beans may encourage more harvest. Beans benefit from adequate water in the flowering stage. 

We weeded bean rows today and will add grass clippings tomorrow to conserve moisture and hold down weeds. The fall leaf mulch from the start of the season has decomposed.

The fenced garden did have a separate gated section. Now that section is removed, the remaining gate is a scaffold for climbing wax beans. We also lean stiff hog fencing against a perimeter fence for additional climbing beans or cucumber vines. Climbing plants can grow vertically and save garden space.

Yellow summer squash is just beginning to bloom.

These traditional tomatoes are about golf ball size and green. Grape-size tomatoes in containers are also green, but none are ripe. That BLT is worth the wait.

In general, the maturation of these plants seems a little slow, though planted a little later. Plants may lose some growing time due to high temperatures.

How productive is your vegetable garden so far this season? Any winners? Comments welcome.  

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One thought on “Garden Vegetables this Season

  1. Oh, goodness! You do not want to know how productive my garden is this year, . . . or is not. It is a long story. Next year may be no better if I continue working like this. It is fun, but I do miss much of the garden. Seeing other people’s gardens reminds me of what I am missing. I get ‘enough’ from my garden, but not much more. This is the first year that there is not a ridiculous surplus of zucchini.

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