Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–August 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains (USDA Zone 4-5a). After a summer of drought, today we received 3.9 inches of rain that fell steadily in the morning and afternoon, and we are grateful.

The Joe Pye Weed that can tolerate much more moisture than it’s received is in full bloom, along with Echinacea. In fact, it’s still misting rain, and no insects are around this pollinator magnet.

Like this Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckias provides yellow around the yard much of the summer.

Echinacea with Baptisia indigo past its bloom will soon have seed pods to harvest for fall displays.

Monarda or Bee Balm, recently planted, continues to be avoided by hungry deer. 

Not yet in bloom, the Smokebush holds many raindrops. Jewels, they are.

See what's in bloom after a rain on the Northern Plains at Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

If you’d like to see past months of flowers, see other “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day” posts in the right column. Next month we hope to feature an array of container sunflowers. Thanks for visiting today. Do come again to Plant Exchange Blog.

If you are ready to see more flowers in bloom, the next stop is Carol Michel in Indianapolis. At the end of her August 15th post at her May Dreams Gardens, you will see a list of links to many garden bloggers waiting to show you their blooms from around the United States and beyond. Here’s her link:

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