More Happy Days of Summer with Sunflowers

Some of the best parts of summer are when there are few days left. Lots of sunflowers, symbols of happy days, grow here. 

In our region of the United States, archeologists have found evidence of corn, bean, squash, sunflower and amaranth cultivation about 1000 A.D.

Sunflowers can be found planted in a field in this area. They are grown more commonly as a commercial crop in the northern and western South Dakota at this time.

Native sunflowers are a staple at Spirit Mound, a historic prairie of native wildflowers and grasses near here. It’s a flyway favorite stop of birds heading south. This year, drought has depleted their sunflower seeds.

Sunflowers are a favorite at Plant Exchange Blog. Volunteers grow in the flowerbeds and we can enjoy container gardens of sunflowers on the deck, from inside and out.

We invite you to see the sunflowers on our deck today as part of the celebration of summer. Seeds were planted in the potting mix of each container with a little fertilizer after they set blooms. A favorite of honeybees and birds as the flowers mature, the container plants are watered daily on lots of hot days. See the video below.

Sunflowers, whether you have space for four kinds in their pots or one favorite, become an easy spot of color on the deck. Here we enjoy them close up at supper. Different heights of sunflower varieties allow choice for viewing them or greenery beyond.

Let’s all enjoy the remaining summer and meet back to share plant comments! Thank you for your visit today. We hope you’ll join us next week again. Thanks to all who send us “Likes” of their favorites and thanks to all the loyal “Followers” who visit us. Comments welcome.

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