Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-September 15th

Plant Exchange Blog is in South Dakota on the Northern Plains, USDA Zone 4-5a. While the region continues with drought and high summer temperatures, today is mild with rain.

We aimed to plant more native flowers or their cultivars this growing season for a more sustainable and low-input garden. Transplants from seed are fun to grow, and various yellow rudbeckias are in bloom. Some rudbeckia perennials returned this spring under drought conditions.

With fewer plants in the wild, deer and rabbit pressure is greater, and deer ate a few flowers this season. The plants will likely live. Behind the rudbeckia is nicotiana, and their white flowers are even more delicious to deer. They eat the upper leaves and all the flowers.

Another perennial transplanted from seed, Gaillardia ‘Arizona Apricot.’  It can be short-lived, but it’s a winner for low-height, edge-of-garden spots. The fuzzy pom poms after bloom are an added attraction.

Other more standard color gaillardias add variety to the garden.

Agastache has rangy stems that move in prairie breezes. We have not grown it from seed, but a volunteer plant did appear in another area of the year. 

The Agastache is a pollinator magnet in a season of possibly fewer insects. South-bound monarchs are beginning to arrive.

Annual sunflowers are a favorite here. While the native sunflowers bloom in road ditches and vacant lots, this variety is intended for containers. Sunflowers are also pollinator magnets. This little honeybee can hardly collect more this trip!

See what's in bloom on September 15th, 2022!

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When you’re ready to see more flowers blooming these days around the United States and elsewhere, consider May Dreams Gardens, where Carol will show you flowers in Indiana. At the end of her September 15th blog post, see the list of garden bloggers waiting to show you flowers. Here’s the link:

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