Deciduous Tree Days

Deciduous trees and woody shrubs are dressing for their party, and we’re all invited. Mild October days in the seventy degrees and nights in the fifties and over a half inch of rain on dusty soil encouraged this Ohio buckeye to be the first to show Autumn color in our yard. Nestled among taller trees, it remains a wallflower until now. Palmate clusters of leaves burst color. Under a nearby tree, houseplants that have enjoyed summer in the shade are headed indoors.

A late first-frost warning sent gardeners scurrying to cover flowers last night. By morning, more cottonwood and ash trees don yellow and joined the party.

When trees party, the surroundings join in. Young turkeys no longer have to follow each other in straight lines. 

Bees and butterflies are intent on collecting party pollen and nectar from the season’s last flowers.

The daily change of color even enlivens the commute behind the vehicle windshield. The contrast of light and dark and color display the trees and shrubs we look at every day but now see in a new way. Fun party, huh!

Thanks all who visit Plant Exchange Blog! Have a happy week!

One thought on “Deciduous Tree Days

  1. Foliar color in autumn is underappreciated on the West Coast of California, perhaps because of the very mild weather here. Most people who live here are from somewhere else, and sometimes comment on the lack of such color. However, several species develop impressive color with minimal chill. The problem is that so many of us either do not appreciate such color, or are not aware that it is easy to achieve.

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