Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–October 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange in our region on the Northern Plains, USDA Zone 4-5a. We remain in drought, but the mild temperatures and Autumn-colored trees draw us outdoors. 

One of the easy walking trails is along the Missouri River at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area. Maples are turning red, and cottonwoods are golden yellow.

This grove of cottonwoods at the park shows the trees’ natural habit sometimes found along wild stretches of the river. 

Amur maple is widely grown in the area as a shrub. Evidence of drought is in the dry condition of the leaves as the trees store energy to begin the next season.

Native grass plots and autumn trees pair comfortably with the range of outdoor activities available at the park.

Back from our walk, we’re featuring woodland tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris) in bloom. (Another species is N. tabacum, widely grown commercially for its tobacco leaves.) 

The stately woodland tobacco is a herbaceous ornamental native to North and South America, Australia, and the South Pacific. This one grows from saved seed, planted after the last frost in spring. Usually, herbs are avoided by browsing deer, but this is the only  survivor here in bloom. A mass of these tall plants fit well as a backdrop for other flowers.

While trees and shrubs in autumn colors are the show this month, many flowers are featured in the monthly 15th posts this season, available to browse for your interest. Thank you for your visit today!

Suppose you’re ready to see other flowers in bloom. In that case, Carol awaits at May Dreams Gardens in Indianapolis to show you her plants. At the end of her post on October 15th, note the list of garden bloggers waiting to show you plants. Here’s the link to her garden:

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